Pedestrian Crashes

Accidents where pedestrians are hit by vehicles typically result in serious or fatal injuries.  Because of this the transportation engineering community places a special emphasis on protecting pedestrians with advance warning signs, warning signs at ped crossing locations, high visibility crossing lines, markings, and crosswalks, pushbuttons, flashing lights, and channelizing devices to funnel peds into specific crossing locations.

Some locations, such as mid-block pedestrian crossings for example, often deserve special consideration from engineers as approaching drivers may not be prepared for pedestrians to cross the roadway between intersections.

Pedestrian crossings or crosswalks between locations of foreseeable ped activity where it would be anticipated that peds will cross the street often deserve special attention from transporation engineers.  In engineering terms these locations would be pedestrian "generators" and "collectors".  Examples could be a commuter parking lot across the street from a large office building or a sports and entertainment arena.  Or, a playground across the road from an apartment complex, or even a neighborhood across from a school.  The possible crossing routes between these as well as many other ped generators and collectors should be properly addressed.

Special populations may also require specific attention.  These include large platoons of pedestrians such as in front of a university where larger groups of students may take more time to get off the curb and into the roadway than one lone ped would take.  Senior citizens or other slower-walking groups such as at a crossing between a parking lot and a hospital may need longer crossing times.

National, state, and local standards such as the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) provide engineers with uniform applications of pedestrian-specific traffic control devices.  A major focus of proper traffic control for pedestrians is to provide consistent messages to both the peds and the approaching driver so as to obtain consistent and predictable behavior from both peds and drivers.

Mr. Marceau has significant experience designing pedestrian crossing devices, and investigating and reconstructing pedestrian accidents.  He understands the technical issues often involved in pedestrian crash cases, and is experienced in explaining these issues to attorneys and jurors.

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