Mr. Daren E. Marceau is licensed as a professional engineer in several states, lives in North Carolina, and teaches and works across North America.  As a former police officer Mr. Marceau was the on-scene investigator at many traffic crashes.  Later, as a civil engineer, he built a dual-practice serving transportation engineering design clients and crash investigation and reconstruction clients.

Mr. Marceau is a nationally-recognized author and lecturer for police officers, attorneys, and engineers with a focus on traffic control devices such as traffic signals, traffic signs, and traffic paint markings and their role in traffic accidents and crashes.

In addition to several decades of experience in roadway, transportation, and traffic engineering, as well as crash investigation and reconstruction Mr. Marceau is an avid motorcyclist, is a certified police motor officer, and is a court-qualified expert in motorcycle operations.

Mr. Marceau also has many decades' of personal experience as a bicycle racer, triathlete, and distance runner.  His experience also involves bike and triathlon course design, and investigation and reconstruction of bicycle crashes.

In 2007 Mr. Marceau left his practice in a large national engineering firm and founded Forensic Traffic Specialists, PLLC to better serve his forensic clients, and to pursue his passion for teaching and forensics.  His current forensic practice is comprised of approximately 95% civil litigation, and 5% criminal proceedings.  The civil portion of his practice is, on average, split 50/50 between plaintiff and defense cases.

Mr. Marceau's current CV may be downloaded through this link: 

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